In need of a business plan for IND-permit?

Becoming an entrepreneur in the Netherlands

Do you have plans to start working as an entrepreneur in the Netherlands? If you are non-EU you will need a special residence permit from the IND (Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service) for that. You can use the services of an immigration lawyer to help you with it. If you want we can introduce you to one in our network.

You also need a business plan for the IND

businessplan for IND permit

There are several administrative issues that need to be taken care of to start a company. The immigration lawyer can help you with these. To get the permit you will also need a business plan that you can submit to the IND. The IND will judge and score your business plan based upon a point system. It is necessary to get a certain minimum number of points to qualify for the permit.

Would you like to request an intake interview for advice immedeately?

Click HERE to request a direct telephone or online intake interview to discuss your options for having a business plan written for applying for a residence permit at the IND. ! Pay close attention to the conditions for this interview. 


Which criteria does your business plan have to meet for the IND?

This point system consists of 3 parts:

  • Personal experience (training, entrepreneurship, work experience).
  • Business plan (market analysis, product / service, price, organization, financing, etc.).
  • Added value for the Netherlands (innovation, job creation, investments).

In total, 300 points can be earned. At least 90 points are required with a minimum of 30 points per part. However, there are some alternative options to get enough points. We are happy to inform you about it.

What services can we offer with respect to your business plan?

Writing a professional business plan for the IND requires specific knowledge of entrepreneurship and finances and knowledge of the point system of the IND. Ondernemersgevoel has all that knowledge. Together with you, we set up and write the business plan and we will build the businesscase in such a way that the chance of granting a permit by the IND increases.


Please be aware! you will have to actively participate in the realization of the plan. After all, it is (will be) your business, not ours. You will have to substantiate and prove that your plan can succeed. You can do this for example, by submitting references from (ex) customers and employers, showing (financial) results already achieved and by handing over letters of intent from potential customers. If we cannot add such substantion as an appendix to your business plan, this wil not increase the chances of a residence permit being granted.


The immigration lawyer ultimately submits the documents together with the business plan or you can do it yourself. The rate we charge for writing a business plan depends on what information you already have available. Generally we charge a total rate of about € 1,250 - € 1.750 (50% to be paid in advance).


View an example of an IND approved business plan:

Are you curious about what you can expect from us? Download an example of one of the business plans that we wrote for a client and that was approved by the IND below.

Example of an IND approved Business Plan
This Business plan was written for a freelance software developer who needed a residence permitt based on entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. Due to the privacy sensitivity of the information, all personal data has been removed.
Example BP IND appoved ENG.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document 3.8 MB
Business Plan for residence permitt by IND

Interested or do you have any questions? Please contact us!

Are you interested in our services with regard to writing a tailor-made business plan for applying for a residence permit at the IND? Or do you still have some questions? Do not hesitate to call us (+31 6 111 5 37 38) or send us a message and and we'll get back to you.